Grow and Go Green with Wang Shu Fang

We are all responsible for our own healthy ageing, as we prepare to live a longer and happier life. Do you find it challenging to be healthy for 100? It is easier than you think. We round up the health champs in Prudential to share simple health tips. In this edition, Wang Shu Fang, Master Financial Consultant and mother-of-two tell us why she’s growing her own food and shares tips on staying healthy with her family.

Tell us about your interest in urban farming

My frequent trips to the wet market where I buy vegetables have inspired me to grow my own food. So far, I have grown peppermint, basil, chilli, ginger, spring onion and bell pepper. I used them for cooking, for example, the peppermint leaves to make tea and the basil leaves to stir fry pork. Although the quantity is small, they are organic produce. I can consume them with a peace of mind, and my family can enjoy healthy and fresh food that are free of chemicals and pesticides.

I am still learning about urban farming and have many failed attempts at it. Inconsistent watering, incorrect pruning techniques and choosing the wrong pot are some of the common issues. To solve them, I will either look up the information online or get pointers from my neighbours. For example, I have learnt that to fertilise my plants, I can use the water from rinsing my rice and sprinkle the used coffee grounds onto the soil.

Besides producing fresh food, I believe that urban farming also helps to prevent food insecurity. It is also an activity that promotes mental health. So, I am excited that the NParks is encouraging Singaporeans to embrace gardening by distributing free seed packets through the Gardening with Edibles initiative.



Shu Fang uses plants such as basil and chilli found in her garden to cook healthier meals for the family.

Any tips on staying healthy as a family?

During the circuit breaker period, my friend sent me a carton of fruit. As shops were closed then, I decided to be more environmentally friendly and reused the box as my pot. Along with other materials that were available at home, I decorated my ‘pot’ with my son using toilet rolls and coloured paper!

From making the pots to watering the plants, I involve my son in the gardening activities. When he helps to grow the plants, he is more likely to eat them too! When my son sees the family enjoying our greens, he starts to take a spoonful and would even ask for more! Gardening also engages his curiosity as we discover insects together. Other activities we do together include taking a walk in the park, playing tennis and doing light exercises.

Grow and Go Green with Wang Shu Fang

Shu Fang bonding with her son over gardening activities.

How will you use Pulse by Prudential to stay healthy?

The virtual consultation is a good feature as it minimises the risk of visiting the clinic especially during COVID-19. I also use the Healthcheck from time to time as it can help to identify any red flags.

The Health Channel also enables me to stay updated with trending health topics which I can also share with my customers.

Embark on your wellness journey with Pulse. Click here for more information on the app features.