Healthy living tips for better time management

Are you feeling run-down by a packed schedule, multiple commitments and an unhealthy lifestyle? It doesn’t have to be that way.

In a 2016 survey by advisory firm Willis Towers Watson, 52 percent of Singapore workers say that a lack of physical activity is a top health concern. With job pressure, money issues and family stress to tend to every day, it’s hard to find the time to catch your breath, let alone plan a fitness routine. No matter how much we may want to lead a healthier life, it can feel like there simply isn’t time.

So how do we realistically squeeze healthy habits into our busy schedules? We might have some ideas.

Start Off the Day with Three-ingredient Meals

Many of us forego the most important meal of the day to squeeze in an extra hour of sleep. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to wake up a whole hour earlier to prepare a healthy breakfast. Make on-the-go breakfasts that require just three ingredients and minimal preparation for maximum flavour. Some healthy combinations tuna on wholegrain bread and a fruit bowl.

Join a Lunchtime Gym

Thanks to a new crop of gyms that offer express, high-intensity workout sessions all over Singapore, you no longer have an excuse to stay sedentary at work. Fit in a full fat-blasting session within 20 minutes, just a short walk away from your office building either before, during lunch or after work, and return to your desk rejuvenated. Deskercise is another option for those unable to leave their desks. Try some light stretches or shoulder shrugs to keep your limbs nimble and keep active at your desk.

You’ve Got to Move

Most jobs require us to sit in front of a computer for the majority of the day. In addition to family dinners and sitting on the train to work, it is estimated that we are sitting down for 70 percent of an average workday. Stretch your glutes by running errands on foot, taking the stairs when possible or alighting one bus stop early. Or shake things up at your desk by standing up and typing for a while or have a 10 to 15 minute stand-up meeting for short department catch-ups.

Turn TV Time Into Fitness Time

Most of us retreat to the couch after dinner to watch the latest episode of House of Cards. But why stay inactive when you can work up a sweat? Stretch and do some bodyweight exercises in front of your television for a healthy spin on binge-watching!

A busy schedule should no longer be an excuse for you dismiss your health. With some simple steps, you can squeeze healthy habits into your routine.

Stay on top of your health with greater protection.


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