Balance your diet with Wesley Ee

We are all responsible for our own healthy ageing, as we prepare to live a longer and happier life. Do you find it challenging to be healthy for 100? It is easier than you think. We round up the health champs in Prudential to share simple health tips. In this edition, Wesley Ee, Financial Consultant and certified personal trainer, talks about his weight loss journey, and share tips on eating better.

Tell us about your weight loss journey

I started with the Insanity programme, a high intensity interval training that promises to help me develop abs in 60 days. I persevered in the workout every day and my weight dropped from 87kg to 69kg – my idea weight according to the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Aside from working out, I also focused on eating better. Growing up as a science student, I was taught that the food we eat ultimately gets broken down into 3 main components - protein, carbohydrate and fat. Hence, I believe it is important to eat a balanced meal. Contrary to popular belief, I eat a fair share of fried food moderately. Most of my meals revolve around chicken, fish and egg whites as they are rich in protein and convenient to prepare.

This journey has improved my physical health. I became stronger and healthier, and my acne cleared up after many years. It also boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem, which has improved my mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wisely celebrate 18 birthday

Wesley celebrating his 18th Birthday

wisely workout in gym

28-year-old Wesley working out at the gym

Any simple fitness tips as a certified personal trainer? 

Always be cautious of what you eat - substitute sweet drinks with plain water, black tea or coffee; control your intake of deep-fried food and cut down on snacks. Another tip is to track the number of calories you consume. These techniques are well within the reach of anyone.

I share my knowledge and expertise of fitness and nutrition with my clients. In my opinion, insurance is a tool that provides protection against health risks while exercise and nutrition are preventive measures. Marrying these two together allows me to add value to my services.

How will you use Pulse by Prudential to stay healthy?

The video consultation with the doctor is a convenient and useful tool as it allows the patient to rest at home. Without having to physically visit the doctor, this prevents the aggravation of the medical condition when the body is in a weakened state. You can rest more comfortably at home instead.

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