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PRUExtra Preferred CoPay

Choose better healthcare with PRUExtra Preferred CoPay. A value-for-money supplementary plan that offers an extra level of protection at a more affordable premium.


Why choose PRUExtra Preferred CoPay?

Prevention is better than cure, especially when faced with age-related health risks and rising healthcare costs. To keep your health in check, regular health screenings are crucial to catch diseases before it’s too late. That’s why, for a limited time, we are offering complimentary health screening1 at Raffles Medical Group Clinics for new PRUExtra Preferred CoPay customers!

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Starting from 1 July to 31 December 2024, every new sign-up for PRUExtra Preferred CoPay supplementary plan may enjoy a one-time complimentary health screening at Raffles Medical Group Clinics1.
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Important Information



The complimentary health screening is a one-time offer upon PRUExtra Preferred CoPay policy inception. T&Cs apply. The screening is also transferable to any PRUShield customer.


Enjoy PRUWell Reward, a 20% savings on your standard premium, when your policy is incepted with no exclusions. If the premium level is at standard at the last policy renewal date and no claims were made during the review period, a PRUWell reward of 20% savings will apply at the next policy renewal date. PRUWell Reward is only applicable for PRUExtra Premier CoPay and PRUExtra Preferred CoPay.


Premium level will remain unchanged for PRUExtra Preferred CoPay upon the next policy renewal if all claims within the same review period is a successful Panel claim. The selected specialist must be empanelled at the Panel Healthcare Institutions as indicated on our website, and the claim must be eFiled from the Hospital/Day Surgery Centre Business Office and not from the specialist clinic except for outpatient chemotherapy at OncoCare Cancer Centre and Icon Cancer Centre clinics at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Terms and Conditions of PRUExtra Preferred CoPay Complimentary Health Screening Promotion (“Promotion”)

A. Promotion Details 

  1. Definitions:
    1. “Prudential” means Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited.
    2. “Promotion Period” means the period between 1 July 2024 and 31 December 2024 (both dates inclusive).
    3. “Eligible Customer” means life assured whose proposal for any Eligible Insurance Plan is submitted to and incepted by Prudential during the Promotion Period having satisfied the eligibility criteria below.
    4. “Eligible Insurance Plan” means any of the products meeting the criteria as stated in the Promotion Table below.
    5. “Promotion Table” means Promotion Table below.
    6. Eligible Insurance Plan Promotion
      PRUExtra Preferred CoPay Supplementary Plan One-time Complimentary Health Screening

  2. Eligibility

    To be eligible for the Promotion, the Eligible Customer has to satisfy the following requirements during the Promotion Period in order to receive the one-time complimentary health screening:

    1. The Eligible Customer is a Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or a foreigner holding an “Eligible Valid Pass” recognised by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
    2. The Eligible Customer’s age is between 1 and 75 years (next birthday).
    3. The Eligible Customer who purchases a new PRUExtra Preferred CoPay supplementary plan.
  3. Complimentary Health Screening
    1. An Eligible Customer is entitled to receive the one-time Complimentary Health Screening in accordance with the Promotion Table and Promotion Period above.
    2. Promotion is available exclusively for new to PRUExtra Preferred CoPay supplementary plan customers only. It does not apply to downgrades. For upgrades, promotion applies to specific scenarios* only.

      1. Applicable to upgrade from PRUShield Plus (without supplementary plan) to PRUShield Premier + PRUExtra Preferred CoPay.
      2. Not applicable to upgrade from PRUShield Plus (with any supplementary plan) to PRUShield Premier + PRUExtra Preferred CoPay.
      3. Not applicable to upgrade from PRUExtra Premier Lite CoPay to PRUExtra Preferred CoPay.
    3. The Complimentary Health Screening in this Promotion shall be on a ‘per-policy’ basis (subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion). There shall be no restrictions on the number of complimentary health screening transactions an Eligible Customer can enjoy.
    4. The Complimentary Health Screening is transferrable to another PRUShield customer, who must have an in-forced PRUShield policy on the day of health screening. The policyholder has to sign off the health screening letter to consent to transfer to another PRUShield customer.
    5. All health screening appointments have to be made through Prudential by contacting our hotline number at +65 6704 7008 during office hours from Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays), 9am to 5.30pm or email us at Customer will receive an email after health screening booking has been confirmed with the Raffles Medical clinic.
    6. Prudential will require the Customer/transferee’s Name, ID type and number, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number and Nationality for all appointment bookings.
    7. The Health Screening voucher is for a single use. Prudential has the right to reject duplicate copies of this letter.
    8. Prudential will not be extending the voucher beyond the expiry date as stated on the confirmation letter.
    9. The Complimentary Health Screening can only be used on the following Raffles Medical Group Clinics:
      1. 252 North Bridge Road #02-17, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103 (Nearest MRT Station: City Hall)
      2. 79 Robinson Road, #01-04, CapitaSky, Singapore 068897 (Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar)
      3. 50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, #02-02, Singapore 048623 (Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place)
      4. 11 Bidadari Park Drive, #02-08, The Woodleigh Mall, Singapore 367803 (Nearest MRT Station: Woodleigh)
      5. Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2825, Singapore 560722 (Nearest MRT Station: Ang Mo Kio)
      6. Blk 355 Sembawang Way, #01-06/07, Singapore 750355 (Nearest MRT Station: Sembawang)
      7. Blk 83 Marine Parade Central, #01-590, Singapore 440083 (Nearest MRT Station: Marine Parade)
      8. Blk 10 Tampines Central 1, #03-28, Tampines One, Singapore 529536 (Nearest MRT Station: Tampines)
      9. Blk 131 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-267, Singapore 600131 (Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East)
      10. 1 Sengkang Square, #04-09, Compass One, Singapore 545078 (Nearest MRT Station: Sengkang)
    10. The health screening voucher can only be redeemed if an appointment is made through Prudential. Raffles Medical clinics will not allow any walk-ins.
    11. For post health screening reviews, customer must visit the same clinic where health screening is performed at. Standard consultation charges apply if a different Raffles Medical clinic is visited.
    12. The Complimentary Health Screening is valid for 90 days starting from the date on the confirmation letter from Prudential.
    13. Should there be health condition findings from the complimentary health screening upon plan inception, the results will not affect the claims unless it was a known pre-existing condition that was not disclosed during the application process or it was disclosed during the application process but not accepted by us. Please note that a waiting period (if any) and general exclusions apply, as per the policy terms and conditions.
    14. The Complimentary Health Screening in this Promotion is not applicable should the Eligible Insurance Plan be cancelled within the twenty-one (21) day free-look period. The premium amount refunded will be based on the premium amount paid by the Eligible Customer.
    15. The Complimentary Health Screening is not applicable should the Eligible Insurance Plan be Not Taken Up and subsequently reopened, or the Eligible Insurance Plan has lapsed and subsequently reinstated.
    16. The Complimentary Health Screening will be applied automatically at policy issuance upon meeting the eligibility criteria.
  4. B. General Terms and Conditions

    1. By participating in the campaign, each Eligible Customer is deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions contained herein and any other instructions, terms and conditions that Prudential may issue from time to time.
    2. Prudential assumes no responsibility for incomplete, lost, late, damaged, illegible or misdirected forms or email communication, for technical hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed incomplete, garbled or delayed electronic transmission which may limit an Eligible Customer’s ability to participate in the campaign.
    3. Prudential may at its discretion forfeit the Complimentary Health Screening, or, if already awarded, reclaim the Complimentary Health Screening at the expense of the Eligible Customer without payment, compensation, or having to give any reason whatsoever in the event Prudential subsequently discovers that the Eligible Customer is not eligible to participate in the Campaign and/or to receive the Complimentary Health Screening.
    4. The Complimentary Health Screening is not exchangeable for cash, credit or any other items of equivalent value.
    5. The validity period of the Complimentary Health Screening is non-extendable. Prudential will be under no obligation to replace or pay to Eligible Customer the value of Complimentary Health Screening that are not utilised by the Eligible Customers before the end of the validity period of the Complimentary Health Screening as may be stipulated by Prudential and/or relevant merchants.
    6. Prudential has the sole and absolute discretion to exclude any Eligible Customer from participating in the campaign without any obligation to furnish notice and/or reason.
    7. Prudential reserves the right to disqualify or disregard any Eligible Customer who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions contained herein.
    8. Prudential reserves the right to request for the Eligible Customers’ proof of eligibility, identity and/or otherwise for the purposes of verifying the Eligible Customer’s eligibility offer at the time of application. Prudential is under no obligation whatsoever to disclose the identity of the Eligible Customers or to publish the same for any reason at any point of time.
    9. By participating in this campaign, each Eligible Customer agrees and consents under the Personal Data Protection Act (Cap 26 of 2012) to the collection, use and disclosure of any and all personal data of the Eligible Customer by/to Prudential, advertising and promotional agencies of the campaign and such other third party, in Prudential’s absolute discretion, consider appropriate or necessary in connection with the campaign.
    10. If an Eligible Customer provides Prudential with personal data of any third party, that Eligible Customer hereby:
      1. Agrees on behalf of that third party to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained herein; and
      2. Consents on behalf of that third party, to Prudential’s collection, use, disclosure and processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

      The Eligible Customer warrants that he/she has obtained the said third party’s prior consent to such collection, use, disclosure and processing of his/her personal data by Prudential and that the personal data that the Eligible Customer provides to Prudential is true, accurate and complete.

    11. Prudential shall not be liable for any third party’s misuse of the Eligible Customer’s submitted information and photograph as a result of the Eligible Customer taking part in the campaign.
    12. Unless prohibited by law, participation in the campaign constitutes permission for Prudential, its advertising and promotional agencies to use any of the Eligible Customer’s names, and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes. Each Eligible Customer further agrees and acknowledges that the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to all photographs or audio-video or other recordings of the Eligible Customer taken or made in connection with the campaign shall vest solely and absolutely in Prudential without any compensation to the Eligible Customer.
    13. Prudential may at any time at its absolute discretion, without prior notice or assigning any reason thereof or being liable to any person, (i) suspend, cancel or terminate the campaign, or (ii) delete, vary, supplement, amend, modify any one or more of the terms and conditions of the campaign. Prudential’s determination of all matters in connection with the campaign shall be final, binding and conclusive. Prudential is not obliged to give any reason or prior notice on any matter concerning the campaign. No appeal, correspondence or claims will be entertained. Prudential has the right and discretion to determine whether a party has met the requirements of the campaign. Eligible Customers shall not be entitled to any damages or compensation whatsoever or howsoever arising as a result of such amendment, suspension or termination.
    14. By participating in the campaign, all Eligible Customers agree and undertake to, at all times, indemnify, keep indemnified, and hold Prudential, its employees and agents harmless against all losses (including direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential losses), damages (including general, special, and/or punitive damages), demands, injuries (other than personal injury caused by Prudential’s negligence), claims, costs, penalties, interest and fees (including all legal fees as between solicitor and client or otherwise on a full indemnity basis whether or not incurred in respect of any real, anticipated, or threatened legal proceedings), howsoever caused by, arising or resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, their participation in the campaign, acceptance, and/or any breach or purported breach of these terms and conditions and/or any applicable law.
    15. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Terms and Conditions contained herein and the contents of any brochure, marketing and/or promotional materials relating to the campaign, the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall prevail.
    16. Any trademarks, graphic symbols, logos or intellectual property contained in any materials used in connection with this campaign are the property of their respective owners. Prudential is not affiliated with, or endorsed or sponsored by, such owners and their relevant affiliates.
    17. Failure by Prudential to exercise any of its right or remedy under the Terms and Conditions contained herein does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.
    18. The Terms and Conditions contained herein shall be governed by Singapore law and the Eligible Customers agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
    19. A person who is not a party to any agreement governed by these Terms and Conditions shall have no right under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B) to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions.

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