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Term Insurance

PRUActive Term

A unique protection term plan which lets you take charge of your changing needs

What makes PRUActive Term unique?

Life’s too short to make compromises on your lifestyle. The same holds true when it comes to protecting the ones you love. But as your needs change over time, a regular term plan just won’t do.

PRUActive Term gives you the flexibility of increasing your basic coverage amount annually to keep up with your changing lifestyle. It even provides you the option to pay your premiums in a shorter period, giving you and your family one less thing to worry about.

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Key Benefits

Add these extras to enhance the coverage of your term insurance plan

We strive to make a difference to your life by providing you with the suitable financial insurance plans.

#Terms and Conditions of PRUActive Term Promotion (“Promotion”)
  1. Promotion Details 
  1. Definitions:
    1. “Prudential” means Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited.
    2. “Promotion Period” means the period between 14 May 2020 and 2 August 2021 (both dates inclusive).
    3. “Eligible Customer” means policyholders whose proposal for any Eligible Insurance Plan is submitted to and incepted by Prudential during the Promotion Period.
    4. “Eligible Insurance Plan” means PRUActive Term.
    5. “Discount” means the percentage discount given to the Eligible Customer as stated in the Promotion Table below.
    6. “Promotion Table” means the table below.

      Eligible Insurance Plan

      Perpetual Premium Discount1 for All Customers

      Additional First-Year Premium Discount exclusively for Ascend and Opus by Prudential Customers Paying Annual Premium2

      PRUActive Term



      1Premium discount will be applied on the premium for the basic policy and supplementary benefit(s) until the ‘Last Premium Due’ date. Discount is not applicable for the increased premium that comes with the Incremental Sum Assured Benefit.

      2Additional 10% discount is applicable for first-year premium paid on an annual basis only and will be applied on the premium for the basic policy and supplementary benefit(s).   

  2. Eligibility 
    1. In order to be eligible for the Discount, the Eligible Customer’s proposal for an Eligible Insurance Plan must be submitted to and incepted by Prudential during the Promotion Period.
    2. This Promotion is valid for all premium payment modes (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual). 
    3. Ascend by Prudential and Opus by Prudential customers enjoy an additional 10% off first-year premium for any Eligible Insurance Plan submitted and incepted by Prudential during the Promotion Period. To enjoy the discount, first-year premium of the Eligible Insurance Plan must be paid on an annual basis. 
  3. Discount
    1. An Eligible Customer is entitled to receive a Discount in accordance with the Promotion table above.
    2. The Discount in this promotion shall be on a ‘per-policy’ basis (subject to the terms and conditions of this Promotion), there shall be no restrictions on the number of Discount transactions an Eligible Customer can enjoy.
    3. This Promotion is not applicable should the Eligible Insurance Plan be cancelled within the fourteen (14) day free-look period. The premium amount refunded will be based on the premium amount paid by the Eligible Customer.
  4. Promotion Mechanism

 The Discount will be applied automatically upon policy issuance and meeting the eligibility criteria above.


  1. General Terms and Conditions
  1. By participating in the Promotion, each Eligible Customer is deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions contained herein and any other instructions, terms and conditions that Prudential may issue from time to time. 
  2. Prudential assumes no responsibility for incomplete, lost, late, damaged, illegible or misdirected forms or email communication, for technical hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed incomplete, garbled or delayed electronic transmission which may limit an Eligible Customer’s ability to participate in the Promotion
  3. Prudential has the sole and absolute discretion to exclude any Eligible Customer from participating in the Promotion without any obligation to furnish notice and/or reason.
  4. Prudential reserves the right to disqualify or disregard any Eligible Customer who does not comply with the terms and conditions contained herein.
  5. Prudential may at its discretion forfeit the Discount, or, if already awarded, reclaim the Discount at the expense of the Eligible Customer without payment, compensation, or having to give any reason whatsoever in the event Prudential subsequently discovers that the Eligible Customer is not eligible to participate in the Promotion and/or to receive the Discount.  
  6. Prudential shall not be liable for any loss of, damage to, defects, delay, mis-delivery or non-delivery of the Discount.
  7. Prudential reserves the right to deal with any unclaimed Discount in any manner it deems fit. Prudential reserves the right to request for the Eligible Customers’ proof of eligibility, identity and/or otherwise for the purposes of verifying the Eligible Customer’s claim to the Discount at the time of Discount collection.   Prudential is under no obligation whatsoever to disclose the identity of the Eligible Customers or to publish the same for any reason at any point of time.
  8. The Discount is not exchangeable for cash, credit or any other items of equivalent value.  The validity period of the Discount is non-extendable.  Prudential will be under no obligation to replace or pay to Eligible Customers the value of any Discounts that are not utilised by the Eligible Customers before the end of the validity period of Discount as may be stipulated by Prudential and/or relevant merchants.
  9. The Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions carried out by Prudential.
  10. By participating in this Promotion, each Eligible Customer agrees and consents under the Personal Data Protection Act (Cap 26 of 2012) to the collection, use and disclosure of any and all personal data of the Eligible Customer by/to Prudential, advertising and promotional agencies of the Promotion and such other third party, in Prudential’s absolute discretion, consider appropriate or necessary in connection with the Promotion and redemption of Discounts.
  11. If an Eligible Customer provides Prudential with personal data of any third party, that Eligible Customer hereby: 

    1. Agrees on behalf of that third party to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein; and 
    2. Consents on behalf of that third party, to Prudential’s collection, use, disclosure and processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein.

      The Eligible Customer warrants that he/she has obtained the said third party’s prior consent to such collection, use, disclosure and processing of his/her personal data by Prudential and that the personal data that the Eligible Customer provides to Prudential is true, accurate and complete. 
  12. Prudential shall not be liable for any third party’s misuse of the Eligible Customer’s submitted information and photograph as a result of the Eligible Customer taking part in the Promotion. 
  13. Unless prohibited by law, participation in the Promotionconstitutes permission for Prudential, its advertising and promotional agencies to use any of the Eligible Customer’s names, and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes.  Each Eligible Customer further agrees and acknowledges that the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to all photographs or audio-video or other recordings of the Eligible Customer taken or made in connection with the Promotion shall vest solely and absolutely in Prudential without any compensation to the Eligible Customer.
  14. Prudential may at any time at its absolute discretion, without prior notice or assigning any reason thereof or being liable to any person, (i) suspend, cancel or terminate the Promotion, or (ii) delete, vary, supplement, amend, modify any one or more of the terms and conditions of the Promotion.   Prudential’s determination of all matters in connection with the Promotion and the Discount shall be final, binding and conclusive.  Prudential is not obliged to give any reason or prior notice on any matter concerning the Promotion or the Discount.  No appeal, correspondence or claims will be entertained.  Prudential has the right and discretion to determine whether a party has met the requirements of the Promotion and/or to receive the Discount.  Eligible Customers and/or shall not be entitled to any damages or compensation whatsoever or howsoever arising as a result of such amendment, suspension or termination.
  15. By participating in the Promotion, all Eligible Customers agree and undertake to, at all times, indemnify, keep indemnified, and hold Prudential, its employees and agents harmless against all losses (including direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential losses), damages (including general, special, and/or punitive damages), demands, injuries (other than personal injury caused by Prudential’s negligence), claims, costs, penalties, interest and fees (including all legal fees as between solicitor and client or otherwise on a full indemnity basis whether or not incurred in respect  of any real, anticipated, or threatened legal proceedings), howsoever caused by, arising or resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, their participation in the Promotion, acceptance or usage of any Discount/Reward, and/or any breach or purported breach of these terms and conditions and/or any applicable law. 
  16. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the terms and conditions contained herein and the contents of any brochure, marketing and/or promotional materials relating to the Promotion, the terms and conditions contained herein shall prevail. 
  17. Any trademarks, graphic symbols, logos or intellectual property contained in any materials used in connection with this Promotion, in particular the Discounts, are the property of their respective owners.   Prudential is not affiliated with, or endorsed or sponsored by, such owners and their relevant affiliates.  
  18. Failure by Prudential to exercise any of its right or remedy under the terms and conditions contained herein does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.  
  19. The terms and conditions contained herein shall be governed by Singapore law and the Eligible Customers agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore. 
  20. A person who is not a party to any agreement governed by these terms and conditions shall have no right under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B) to enforce any of these terms and conditions.

1The PRUActive Term plan has a minimum sum assured of S$100,000 against death, terminal illness and total and permanent disability.

The minimum and maximum entry age for PRUActive Term is age 18 and 75 next birthday respectively.

2PRUActive Term provides coverage against death, terminal illness and total and permanent disability during the policy term. The life assured can only claim either death, terminal illness or total and permanent disability and not all. The total and permanent disability benefit ends on the policy anniversary before the life assured attains age 70.

3Based on age at next birthday.

4 Incremental Sum Assured benefit is only applicable to the Death Benefit and Critical illness Benefit. Incremental Sum Assured benefit starts from the 2nd Policy Year onwards. The sum assured for Death Benefit and Critical illness Benefit will automatically increase every year at the rate that was chosen. The premium will also increase annually with each Incremental Sum Assured based on the attained age of the Life Assured.

5Subject to a minimum sum assured of S$100,000 per application and at least 12 months after the policy cover start date or any reduction of sum assured (if any), with a minimum of six years.

6The premium for Crisis Care II (PRUActive Term) is guaranteed during the premium payment period.

7Choice of premium payment term from 5 to 82 years. Choice of benefit duration from 10 to 82 years. Customers can customise Crisis Care II (PAT)’s policy term and premium term. The premium term of Crisis Care II (PAT) can be longer or shorter than PAT’s premium term. However, Crisis Care II (PAT)'s premium term and policy term cannot be longer than PAT’s policy term.

8Please refer to the policy documents for the exact terms and conditions and specific details applicable to this benefit.

9Special Benefit is only payable it the coverage has not been terminated or fully claimed.

10Upon approval of a claim under the 50% Severity Payout benefit, all future premium payments for the Early Stage Crisis Cover Benefit will be waived from the next premium due date following the date of diagnosis of the medical condition. Coverage will continue until the benefit terminates.

11After the end of the Early Stage Premium Waiver Period, premium payment for the covered benefits will resume, but the premiums for the Early Stage Crisis Waiver will continue to be waived.

12The second claim will waive the premium for another 5 years. This is provided the second claim is not for the same Medical Condition as the first claim, and it does not fall within the same category of the first Early Stage Medical Condition.

13If there was a successful claim under Early Stage Medical Conditions, the Intermediate Stage Medical Conditions Benefit only waives 5 years of future premiums.

14After the end of the Early Stage Premium waiver period, premium payment for the covered benefits will resume, but the premiums for the Early Stage Crisis Waiver will continue to be waived.

Additional Notes

You are recommended to read the product summary and seek advice from a qualified Prudential Financial Consultant for a financial analysis before purchasing a policy suitable to meet your needs.

As buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, an early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value, if any, that is payable to you may be zero or less than the total premiums paid.

Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. Premiums for some of the supplementary benefits are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on future claims experience.

The information contained on this website is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Please refer to the exact terms and conditions, specific details and exclusions applicable to this insurance product in the policy documents that can be obtained from your Prudential Financial Consultant.

The information contained on this website is intended to be valid in Singapore only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Singapore.

In case of discrepancy between the English and Mandarin versions of the e-brochures, the English version shall prevail.

These polices are protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policies is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact your insurer or visit the GIA/LIA or SDIC web-sites ( or or

Information is correct as at 3 May 2021.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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